Being a number 1 of a million number ones

Working with the shop seeing all kinds of merchandise of artists, made me remember my younger years. I was a huge Fan of the Boy Band Take That. They made me cry, laugh and I really loved them truly and forever for 3 whole years like a crazy person.

Looking at the young ones these days they also have this crazy love for Justin Bieber, Direct, Selena Gomes and all those younger singers. I did notice that these crushes of the younger fans exist more often towards younger artists. Probably because they can relate more to them. I remember going to all their concerts and clapping my hands like an out of control seal and screaming my longs out knocking my voice out for 2 days. But In the end it was so worth it. It felt like I was doing this for them and I would do anything for them.

My room was full of posters, my collection was huge and I taped everything on television (in these times we still had video recorders). It gave me a mission and nothing else mattered except for Take That. I truly believed I was their number 1 fan collecting and doing as much as I could to miss out on nothing and express my affection by collecting as much stuff of them as I could. Nobody could top my commitment. This is probably how millions of others felt doing the same and how millions of others nowadays still feel and are committed to it.

I have got one message for all number 1 fans: Keep the crazy on a safe level and enjoy it to the fullest these are great times.