The addictive power of The Lord Of The Rings

This movie is so powerful it continues te be exciting to stay watching it. I think I have watched it 100 times by now and I am not exaggerating. But what is it that keeps you wanting more. I thought about the issue because it is the only movie I watched so many times over and over again. After seeing it, some time passes by and I have to see it again. Then I am sitting here for 10 hours knowing what will come next. Some lines I even know by heart and still I am looking forward to that particular scene. But that’s it there are so many scenes that are incredibly well made and written it is impressive even after the 100th time.

Let’s summarize some particular moments I personally find memorable and these get me hooked every time; the scene where Elrond the founder of Rivendel overhands Aragorn the sword of Isildur after a great well thought off speech why he is giving it now and did not do this before. Also several extremely cool fighting scenes of Legolas were it nearly looks as if he is floating or dancing the moves of combat killing huge animals and groups of evil creatures in one single action, always in competition with the dwarf that is not very impressed. And no matter how many are killed in 1 action according to the dwarf “ it still counts as 1” . What about the extremely touching scenes of Frodo and Sam struggling through the darkness of the ring and the heavy journey. Picking up schizophrenic Smeagol that turns out to be another huge challenge in this journey on the one hand helping them find their path to destroy the ring and at the other hand obstructing them in their quest by continuously trying to exercise ways to steal the ring for himself. You get what is happening and tell yourself ‘ Yeh I would do that for my friend’ , but really would you.. Really?

It is so recognizable even if it is not. It is a story farfetched from another reality, but the actors fit in so naturally with their looks and their ways that all what is going on seems credible. I mean I know Liv Tyler I saw here in the clips of Aerosmith and I saw other movies of her, but as the elf Arwen in Lord of the Rings she is selling it! I believe that she is from Riverdale she has been there all the time and the pointy ears put her perfectly in place together with the long black hair and super white skin! I forget she does not look like that and that I know her from other stuff. She changed the way she talks in the movie her voice is much lower, they all act the part perfectly solely and together. All the voices get lower and they talk slower and in ancient sentences. Like for example:” What say you!” is shouted out a few times.

The whole movie is like a poem with the voices, costumes, touching moments, memorable speeches, the right climaxes perfectly timed in the story line and not to forget the great musical symphonies of Howard Shore and songs passing through the movie and setting the mood in the scene. It is an art to cover so many elements in one great story 10 hours long, making it all come together in 1 clear story line. All credits go to the writer J.R.R. Tolkien that conceived this story in 1954, as well as to Peter Jackson, crew and cast members that brought it to life on the big screen. I guess my appreciation for this production is excessive and the trigger that makes me watch it over and over again. I totally understand why it won 475 awards, in my experience it is unique and definitely an endless gift, also for generations to come.