The addictive power of The Lord Of The Rings

This movie is so powerful it continues te be exciting to stay watching it. I think I have watched it 100 times by now and I am not exaggerating. But what is it that keeps you wanting more. I thought about the issue because it is the only movie I watched so many times over and over again. After seeing it, some time passes by and I have to see it again. Then I am sitting here for 10 hours knowing what will come next. Some lines I even know by heart and still I am looking forward to that particular scene. But that’s it there are so many scenes that are incredibly well made and written it is impressive even after the 100th time.

Let’s summarize some particular moments I personally find memorable and these get me hooked every time; the scene where Elrond the founder of Rivendel overhands Aragorn the sword of Isildur after a great well thought off speech why he is giving it now and did not do this before. Also several extremely cool fighting scenes of Legolas were it n

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